SDI Video Processing

Audio / Video signals are normally in various formats and standards according to the special system of production and management in any broadcast center. For maximum compatibility among these formats and standards, Up / Down / Cross Converters are utilized in order to convert SD / HD / 3G signals to each other and to change signal parameters as needed. Meanwhile, there are other modules like changeovers, keyers, and so on which can process SDI signals and change their parameters in order to have the new desired variety of signals to be contributed.


SAMIM CHO-3360 is an automatic / manual changeover module compatible with SAMIM SRM frames. It receives three 3G / HD / SD-SDI input lines and provides two separate outputs. The clean and quiet switching can be triggered manually through GPIs or automatically based on the defined rules and priorities.



SAMIM SKY-3540 is a configurable four layer keyer compatible with SAMIM SRM frames. The module includes two layers of luminance / self key, a layer of static logo insertion, and a layer of animated logo insertion. The module receives one 3G / HD / SD-SDI input as the background and two pairs of key / fill inputs.



SAMIM UDC-3455 module is a broadcast quality modular Up / Down / Cross converter that can convert audio/video formats among 3G, HD, and SD standards with multiple frame rates. This module embeds each pair of processed audios into the output video and extracts audio from SDI video input.