SDI Over Fiber Solution
For Signal Transmission

Send Broadcast Production Signals Over Remote Distances Without Quality Loss

Coaxial copper cables have the serious disadvantage of very limited distance when transmitting SDI (Broadcast production) signals. This even gets worse when the quality of the SDI signals goes higher and needs a wider bandwidth for the signals to be transmitted.

The best solution to overcome this limitation is to use fiber optic cables as an effective platform for signal transmission.

SAMIM solution of SDI over fiber, helps broadcasters to send their pre-recorded or live production signals to remote sites and distant locations easily and without quality loss.


Fiber Optic Advantages


Secure Signal Transport

Meets the security requirements of many government, military and medical applications for sensitive data transmission


Less Interference

Fiber optic cables can be used in areas
with electromagnetic and radio frequency
interference without being affected

Lower Attenuation

Lower Attenuation

Because of low signal attenuation, longer fiber optic cables can be used for farther transmission without using repeaters


Decreased Size and Weight

Fiber optic cables weigh less,
and take up less space than similar
capacity copper cables


Wider Bandwidths

Comparing to coaxial copper, fiber optic
cables have higher capabilities in providing
wider bandwidths for signal transmission


Less Power

Due to low signal attenuation,
low power transmitters can be used in
faster and farther signal transmission

Fiber Optic Multiplexers and De-Multiplexers

SAMIM multiplexer modules merge several input optic signals with different wavelengths, into a single line of signal to be transmitted over a fiber optic channel. On the other side, the de-multiplexer modules receive the signal line and split it into several optic outputs. As very adaptive and scalable tools, multiplexers and de-multiplexers are usually able to transmit live signals to desired remote points without the need to expand the signal contribution infrastructure; even if the audio / video input sources increase.


In-Solution Products

SAMIM EOD-3902 module is a converter of 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI electrical signals to optical signals. It can be used for transferring digital video on fiber optic links. EOD-3902 features input signal detection, two converters on one card, loss compensation, and input signal re-clocking.

SAMIM OED-3904 module is a converter of optical signals to 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI electrical signals. This card can be used along with electrical-to-optical signal converter cards on the receiver side. OED-3904 features input signal detection, two converters on one card, input fiber link detection, loss compensation, and input re-clocking. According to link distance, it provides different SFPs with various input sensitivities.

SAMIM OMD-1800 module is an optical coarse wave division multiplexer / de-multiplexer (CWDM) module. Occupying just a single slot of a SAMIM frame, it is completely a passive device and there are no other active components on the fully assembled module.

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