SDI Over Fiber Solution
For Signal Transmission

Send your Production Signals over Remote
Locations without Quality Loss

Coaxial copper cables have the serious disadvantage of very limited distance when transmitting SDI or other broadcast production signals. This even gets more severe when the production signals are higher in quality and need wider bandwidths to be converted and sent. 

The best solution for this problem is using fiber optic cables plus SDI to fiber converter as an effective platform for signal transmission.

SAMIM solution of SDI over fiber, helps broadcasters to send their pre-recorded, taped, or live production signals to remote sites and distant TV broadcast studios easily, without quality loss.


To broadcast live from a distant studio, or OB vehicle, … the SDI video signals must first be transmitted to the central broadcast studio in the TV station's main building. To do so, broadcasters have a couple of options including satellite (SNG), microwave radio, bonded cellular, and also fiber optics (SDI to optical fiber converters). Fiber optics has many advantages over the other options especially if there has already been a fiber infrastructure available.
Using SDI over Fiber solution , broadcasters send and receive the SDI videos as they are; without any encoding, decoding, compression, processing, …. and this preserves the quality of the transmitted videos at the highest rate possible.
Moreover, SDI to Fiber signal conversion and transmission is a low-cost solution compared to other approaches for transmitting the signals to distant locations. In addition, sending more than one line of signals is much easier using fiber optics.
As in the above picture, (in the departure location) two or more lines of SDI signals are converted to Fiber optic signals by EOD, then multiplexed in a single line by OMD equipment. Next, (in the destination) the single fiber line is de-multiplexed by OMD into two or more fiber lines and then converted to SDI signals back again by Samim OED equipment. The good point is that OED equipment provides distribution capabilities to duplicate the desired signal lines.

SDI to fiber Key Benefits for Broadcasters


Wider Compatibility

Samim SDI over Fiber Solution supports different SFPs with various input/output sensitivities

Modular Design

Greater Modularity

our solution provides flexible modularity to decrease downtime. Broadcasters benefit from signal change-over and recover features 


Higher Scalability

According to many different needs, broadcasters customize our SDI to fiber converter to transmit types of AV signals 


Less Space, Less Expense

Samim Fiber Solution helps broadcasters free up much physical space and reduce costs related to signal contribution and delivery

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Easier Management

Our solution harnesses a very intuitive and friendly web console to easily configure all the settings in real-time


Near Zero Latency

By wider bandwidths in a high-speed delivery platform, Samim solution can transfer AV signals at the highest possible speed rate and quality resolution

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Sdi to fiber Key Features for Broadcasters

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3G / HD / SD - SDI / DVB - ASI / AES / Ethernet support + 12G-SDI ready 

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Full compliance with the Latest SMPTE and ITU standards


Automatic change-over option to eliminate downtimes


Manual or automatic Input signal detection and re-clocking 


Automatic Recover option for retrieving lost signals 

Easy Control and Monitoring

Configurable via web / IP and network (SNMP) protocols

Fiber Optic Multiplexers and De-Multiplexers

Another important piece of equipment in Samim SDI over Fiber Solution is CWDM modules. They can merge several input optic signals with different wavelengths into a single line of data packets to be transmitted over a fiber optic channel. Conversely, the de-multiplexer modules receive the signal line and split it into several optic outputs. As very adaptive and scalable tools, CWDM modules are usually able to transmit live signals to desired remote points without the need to expand the signal contribution infrastructure; even if the audio/video input sources increase.

In-Solution Products

SAMIM EOD-3902 module is a converter of 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI electrical signals to optical signals. It can be used for transferring digital video on fiber optic links. EOD-3902 features input signal detection, two converters on one card, loss compensation, and input signal re-clocking.

Samim SDI Over Fiber Modules

SAMIM OED-3904 module is a converter of optical signals to 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI electrical signals. This card can be used along with electrical-to-optical signal converter cards on the receiver side. OED-3904 features input signal detection, two converters on one card, input fiber link detection, loss compensation, and input re-clocking. According to link distance, it provides different SFPs with various input sensitivities.

Samim SDI Over Fiber Modules

Samim OMD-1800, as a CWDM optical mux and demux, is a bidirectional passive optical multiplexer and de-multiplexer, allowing multiple optical signals at different wavelengths to pass through a single optical fiber link.


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