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Delay Control

Profanity Delay Systems

for Live Broadcast Content Control

Samim Solution for live audio video delay control includes modular and standalone Audio delay line mainly used for setting delays over 3G/HD/SD-SDI and digital audio (AES) streaming signals. It is a great option to monitor the final broadcast production signals and prevent unwanted, inappropriate, or profanity content from going on air.
Samim Audio delay lines can also be utilized for frame synchronization over all the input signals in the live production chain and for lip sync in final studio output signals.
As an effective and reliable solution for controlling broadcast content, our delay processing solution is widely used in production and broadcast studios for a safe and secure stream. The solution includes dedicated standalone audio delay line for digital video and digital audio delay separately. Moreover, broadcasters can benefit from modular cards used for applying desired delays over both audio and video signals. All the configurations, settings, and functions of our SDI video delay device can be monitored and controlled through a web-based and user-friendly interface in real-time.


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  • 3G / HD / SD - SDI signals compatibility for SDI video delay and profanity control
  • 12G  SDI Ready 
  • AES signals compatibility for audio delay 
  • 2 same output signal lines
  • Reference input compatibility
  • Frame sync capability
  • No impact over SDI or AES signals quality
  • Setting desired and separate delay over audio/ video signals (wide range of functionality)
  • Cascading by 2 or more equipment or modules to make longer delays
  • Signal compensation in output streaming
  • Control and monitoring by a simple web interface
  • SNMP support

Core Benefits

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Standalone Design

Functions independently from other broadcast production infrastructure. This helps to be deployed and put to work faster and easier.

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Multi-function Benefits

Apart from audio or video delay, our solution can be used for many other purposes like deep frame sync, lip sync, timing adjustments and so on. 

delayer 05

Wide Delay Range

According to the signal formats, our SDI video delay ststem can apply a wide range of profanity delay time over broadcast streams, both on desired frames or required time.

delayer 01

Input Loss Compensation

Samim SDI video delay system harnesses powerful, dedicated technology to compensate for signal loss due to cable attenuation and connections, ...

delayer 03

Ancillary Data Support

Our Delay Line Solution can apply the desired delay frames or time over any ancillary data like embedded audio, subtitles, generated characters, ...

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Easy Function Control

All our broadcast video delay units can be deployed, customized, and configured through a user-friendly web-based interface to make the most out of it. 

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Lip Sync

By using Samim Delay solution in different parts of the production chain, the problems related to asynchronous audio and video are easily solved

Input Signal Delays Sync

Varied delay times of different input signal sources are synchronized.

Frame Sync

If any frame sync is desired, an audio video delay system can be used with its minimum delay functionality. This can help a precise frame Sync along with input signal compensation.

audio video delay diagram

Studio Output Control and Monitoring

For a special functionality, Samim profanity delay system is used between the production and the emergency switchers. It is necessary that an operator monitors the output signals personally in order to track any unwanted or inappropriate live content and set a desired delay until another signal source is replaced.

Studio Output Control and Monitoring sample

Studio Input Control and Monitoring

The audio delay line can also be placed between the input sources (the gallery) and the video production switcher.
Again, it is necessary that an operator monitors the Input signals (before the Delayer). In tracking any unwanted live content, there is time (delayed) to replace the signal source.

Studio Input Control and Monitoring sample
In-Solution Products

DLY-3421 functions as a standalone device, offering a single-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI video and multi-channel digital audio delay line. It has the capability to independently introduce desired delays to active video, embedded audio, and 4-channel AES inputs.


DLY-3401 is a versatile digital audio delay line that operates across multiple channels. This standalone device allows for the independent application of desired delays on the first four AES inputs. With additional input/output options, it can function as an audio router with an integrated control panel.

delayer png

DLY-3420 is a versatile Audio Video delay module used for applying desired delays on 3G/HD/SD - SDI video, embedded audio, and four AES inputs. The delays are directly applied to the uncompressed signals so that the quality of the video or audio stays completely intact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Samim DLY 3421, they are for setting and applying manual delays over audio-video signals, muting the audio content, and fading the video into black. Moreover, some of them are to save, restore, and apply the pre-defined manual settings. 

In DLY 3401, some keys can be defined as like in a router or a switcher device. It means that you can assign certain sources or destinations to the keys or buttons, for routing and switching purposes. 

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