Professional Solutions
for Live Production

Resilient Infrastructure for Broadcast Production
and Signal Contribution

Radio and TV channels operate different divisions and installations like in-bound or mobile production studios, program development centers, recording installations, and broadcasting facilities, …

Professional production studios are usually furnished with high-tech equipment and up-to-date infrastructures for providing high-quality services. To maintain the production infrastructures updated and resilient, SAMIM Group offers various types of equipment and devices including signal processors, converters, distributors, Embedders and De-Embedders, routers, production switchers, … which are essential items to form or to upgrade production/broadcast studios and to assure their highest efficiency.

Enjoy the Effective Solution for 24/7 Reliability

It is critical for most broadcasting and signal contribution equipment to work 24/7 under pressure without even a minor interruption or black-out. There must also be backup equipment running on a redundant power supply, so that an abrupt power cut does not halt broadcast services.

Modules like audio / video converters and delayers, color correction tools, … which are placed in the middle of the route of studio output signals must be ready to work 24/7. Moreover, we have many other essential equipment on this list, including audio / video switchers and routers, recording devices, Technical analysis tools, emergency switches, and …

Full HD Studio

In-Solution Products

SAMIM up / down / cross converters play a significant role in the broadcast production chain. They convert audio and video formats among 3G, HD, and SD qualities together and render different frame rates.

SAMIM digital audio / video routers support various numbers of I/O ports and support 3G / HD / SD - SDI signals. Along with SAMIM Routers, there are flexible control panels that provide easy-to-use remote configuration for operators.

Production switchers are of the most essential equipment in most TV channel studios. They are mainly used for real-time switching, modifying, or processing digital video to provide the final outputs to be broadcast. SAMIM video production switcher is high-reliable equipment with 24/7 available operability.

SAMIM audio / video distributors redirect audio / video signals from a single source towards several destinations. They are equipped with Re-clockers for jitter removal and equalizers for cable loss compensation.

These modules are used for setting delays in 3G / HD / SD - SDI and digital audio (AES) streaming signals. SAMIM AV delayers are a great option to monitor the final broadcast content and prevent unwanted, inappropriate, or profanity items from being published and broadcast.

SAMIM control panels are used for the configuration of SAMIM analog / digital routers. They are manufactured in single and double units and connect to SAMIM routers via TCP / IP connections. 

SAMIM Embedders and De-Embedders are respectively used for merging and extracting audio (digital / analog) into/from SDI signals. They are equipped with optical I/O, frame synchronization, timing adjustment, ancillary data transparency, and test tone / pattern generation capabilities.

SAMIM multiviewer system is an advanced image processing system for monitoring input signals of 3G / HD / SD - SDI / ASI. It harnesses a user-friendly and intuitive application for designing and tuning PIP layouts for broadcasters. 

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