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In Radio and TV Stations, Live production Audio Video signals are provided and come from various sources including broadcast cameras, OB studios, satellite and terrestrial sources, broadcast Galleries, and …

Therefore, they may have different standards, qualities, frame and bit rates, time adjustments, … which must become uniform in real-time.

For example, some incoming signals are in IP, Fiber, or TS formats that must be converted to SDI or AES, using Fiber to SDI Converters, IP gateways and TS processors. 

Moreover, most of these signals are uncompressed, technically unprocessed, and visually unbalanced which must be analyzed, processed, reproduced, and made ready to be transmitted on air.
Accordingly, it is critical for live broadcast centers, to be equipped with a robust and resilient infrastructure to host all the signal processing and deliveries as fast and as best as possible with zero latencies. 

Exactly here, Samim Group shows up, with a unified and modular solution for live or taped broadcast production studios.

"Samim solution for Full HD Live Broadcast Infrastructure", eases all your workflows from signal ingest to signal delivery through best-in-breed processing products along with friendly web user interfaces to control the errorless signal flows and to assure the efficiency of your live TV production system.

From Ingest to Delivery; Enjoy Effective
TV Studio Equipment with 24/7 reliability

While this solution for Full HD live television production infrastructure supports 3G / HD / SD -SDI standards, it is now 12G-ready for improved 4K-based broadcast platforms. professional broadcasters can enjoy a 24/7 reliable production system for their intense and immediate workflows. 

our live production solution includes an array of tools and equipment which can be integrated and utilized based on your exact needs and custom requirements. Whether you run a Sports TV network or a news TV station, you will get many features and advantages to keep it up and running.  

Samim solution includes card modules and standalone equipment that can be easily customized to fit your channel's needs.  It includes AV Up/Down/Cross converters and processors, SDI/AES delay lines, signal routers, control panels and multiviewers, Audio embedders and de-embedders, signal distributors, changeovers, keyers and graphic inserters, video production switchers, and ...   

broadcast infrastructure

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Core Benefits

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All-in-one Functionality

we provide a unified integrated platform to host all your broadcast production signals processing and deliveries in real-time.

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24/7 Durability for Immediate Workflows

With Samim’s professional video broadcast equipment, create a robust infrastructure capable of operating 24/7 under the intense demands of live production.


12G-SDI Ready

The new generation of Samim  video broadcast solution for live production infrastructures supports 4K platforms in addition to 3G / HD / SD -SDI standards.

Easy Control and Monitoring

Easy Control and Monitoring

All the tools and television studio equipment in this provide are easily controlled, set, and configured by user-friendly web-based user interfaces.


Scalability and Flexibility

No matter how large is your TV network or what type of programs you usually broadcast on air. By this Solution keep it up and running

Technical Support

Technical Support + Remote services

Samim Solution includes professional services and technical support via remote or local training, troubleshooting and system upgrades. 


OB van

Outside Live Broadcasting

Our Live broadcast equipment is widely used in OB studios including OB vans and trucks, in order to analyze, process, reproduce, and make live AV signals ready to be transmitted on air. 

broadcast studio

Studio Live Broadcasting

Broadcasters can utilize "Samim FHD live production infrastructure solution" to plan and design a scalable and flexible live production studio based on their needs and requirements.


Production Control Rooms

With our live production solution, all the incoming/outgoing AV signals into/from production control rooms can be easily monitored and then sent for transmission on air.

Fields of Production

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Sports channels and eSports events productions can benefit from Samim sports video broadcast solution, as it is very easy to deploy and customize and also to provide a professional branding protection. 

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Minimum Latencies in live signal flow in addition to real-time processing and delivery are considered critical in live news channels. our live infrastructure fits well in here. 

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Samim  provides customized and scalable infrastructures to let entertainment channels make more engaging and attractive programs in live or taped platforms by television content production equipment . 

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In all-live Radio and TV stations, the signal flow needs to be in real-time and immediate. So it is critical to deploy a responsive infrastructure like us in the production control rooms. 

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TV channels with only pre-recorded broadcasts can benefit from Samim broadcast video equipment , as they run on a 24/7  broadcasting schedule which must not be stopped or cut even for a while. 

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Governmental broadcasters have their special version of radio/TV production systems. we provides them with advanced monitoring tools and secure infrastructure 

In-Solution Products

SAMIM up / down / cross converters play a significant role in the broadcast production chain. They convert audio and video formats among 3G, HD, and SD qualities together and render different frame rates.

samim udc3455

SAMIM digital audio / video routers support various numbers of I/O ports and support 3G / HD / SD - SDI signals. Along with SAMIM Routers, there are flexible control panels that provide easy-to-use remote configuration for operators.

Samim SDI Routers

SAMIM audio / video distributors redirect audio / video signals from a single source towards several destinations. They are equipped with Re-clockers for jitter removal and equalizers for cable loss compensation.

Samim Audio Video Distributors

These modules are used for setting delays in 3G / HD / SD - SDI and digital audio (AES) streaming signals. SAMIM AV delayers are a great option to monitor the final broadcast content and prevent unwanted, inappropriate, or profanity items from being published and broadcast.

Samim Audio Video Delayer

SAMIM control panels are used for the configuration of SAMIM analog / digital routers. They are manufactured in single and double units and connect to SAMIM routers via TCP / IP connections. 

Samim Control Panels

SAMIM Embedders and De-Embedders are respectively used for merging and extracting audio (digital / analog) into/from SDI signals. They are equipped with optical I/O, frame synchronization, timing adjustment, ancillary data transparency, and test tone / pattern generation capabilities.

Samim Audio Video Embedder De-embedder

SAMIM multiviewer system is an advanced image processing system for monitoring input signals of 3G / HD / SD - SDI / ASI. It harnesses a user-friendly and intuitive application for designing and tuning PIP layouts for broadcasters. 

Samim Frame Multiviewer Router

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