Media automation and management

Samim media editor 

Samim media editor lets any media owner or multimedia content producers to Simply prepare and enrich their media assets Media preparation is done in two forms of content-inner and content-outer enrichment. In content inner form the internal points of the content and the contextual information is used for tagging

In outer content enrichment some metadata is added to the content and the content is preserved together with the added information

The outputs of samim media editor software are information lists delivered to higher level Media management software. Samim Media editor is usually used in media preparation, enrichment and auditing for archiving, exchanging, publishing or broadcasting Media.


Samim Media editor provides useful operational functions which help Media owners
or Content producers to have easier preparation for final outputs.

EPG editor

EPG editor function

This function displays programs and schedules as precise textual playlists this can help audiences to see the playlists and schedules of a radio TV channel all at once.

Cut and merge

Cut and merge function

This function helps to cut desired segments from the main media, then merge them together to create a totally new multimedia content.

Video tagging & checking

Video tagging & checking function

This function helps the input videos to be checked and tagged by necessary notes and remarks of processes needs to be done over the contents. the outputs of this function are standard textual lists called EDL

Audio video player

Audio video player function

This function provides simple audio video player only for playing and viewing input contents

Image tagging

Image checking and tagging function

This function helps images and pictures to be checked and tagged by necessary notes and remarks of processes needs to be done over the images

General features and capabilities

  • easy process commands through customized shortcuts
  • Customisable UI and software visual layout
  • Customizable Ul editability (read-only to full access)
  • Ability to save and recall the customized UI layouts
  • Multi formats outputs in Excel PDF XML XMEML for non-linear editing tools
Item List

Item lists contain items, notes and tags about the main media contents Each item includes notes about a point or a specified interval of a content. item lists can be accessible, viewed searched and managed by defined users.


The timeline is a useful tool to display the created items and notes over the media content. also it makes it easier to create and manage new items for the multimedia contents.


The player tool provides an easy way to view and check the input multimedia contents. the player supports standard multimedia formats and provides playback control tools


The toolbar is used for accessing importance Media controlling commands faster and easier. Includes buttons like copy, cut, paste undo. Redo, delete...