Professional Solution for Routing and Monitoring
AV Production Signals in Real-time

SAMIM SDI router/multiviewer also known as SAMIM SDE-4800 is a modular unified routing /multiviewer platform that supports up to 6 input modules receiving 48 signal lines and up to 6 variable output modules.  

The output modules are in 3 categories: router modules, clean switch modules, and picture-in-picture SDI multiviewer modules.

The SDI-OUT output module provides 8 re-clocked outputs fed from the internal crosspoint. Users can select the source of each output from any input via SAMIM control panels, creating an SDI / ASI router from 8x8 up to 48x48.

The CLN-OUT output module generates four clean & quiet switched outputs from any selected input, fulfilling the need for clean outputs even with asynchronous inputs.

The MIP OUT output module is a compelling solution for monitoring 8 input lines of AV signals in a user-defined layout, including audio level meters, UMD, tally, and error indicators. SDI/ASI Multiviewer modules can also be cascaded internally to build a layout containing up to 48 inputs.

SDE-4800 can be used as a standalone "SDI router"; a device for quick and flexible routing of input signals to various destinations. The primary purpose of SDI routers or video matrices is to facilitate the efficient and customizable routing of video signals within a broadcast production studio. 


Core Benefits

Modular Design

Modular Design

All SDE-4800 components are completely modular. This ensures more reliability and better functionality of the device in a 24/7 non-stop workload.


Flexibility and Scalability

SAMIM SDE-4800 is a flexible equipment which easily adapts to different needs and requirements of TV stations and production studios in various sizes.

Reliability and Strength

Reliability and Strength

Due to hot-plug nature of SAMIM modules and mod-ularity of the frames, you would enjoy a reliable and powerful solution in your broadcast infrastructure

Easy Control and Monitoring

Easy Control and Monitoring

All SDE-4800 components, including the frame, the cards, I/O lines, power resources, ... can be easily monitored and controlled via a web-based and a friendly user interface.

Easy Control

Customized Multiviewer Layouts

SDE-4800 multiviewer component harnesses a user-friendly and intuitive application for designing and tuning PIP layouts which is accessible through Windows-based systems.

Technical Support

Technical Support + Remote services

This broadcast video matrix switcher includes professional services via telephone, email, web, local assistance. Technical support, remote upgrades, on-premises trainings, ... would also be offerable.

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SDE-4800 is a modular unified SDI matrix switcher and multiviewer platform that supports up to 48 3G / HD / SD-SDI inputs along with many outstanding capabilities for professional broadcasters



  • 3RU frame with 1RU optional external fan with automatic fan speed control
  • Modular design
  • Dual and redundant power supplies



  • Support 3G/HD/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals
  • Compatible with SAMIM router control panels
  • Re-clocked outputs
  • Switch point related to the reference input
  • Clean & quiet switch module



  • Layout design by the Windows-based software
  • HDMI and SDI output per head
  • X8 PIPs per head, internally cascadable
  • X40 tally input, x8 programmable GPO
  • NTP or LTC as clock source
  • Video fault detection & logging (black, freeze, CRC, unlock, EDH)
  • Embedded audio fault detection & logging (absence, silence, overload)

Key Advantage

3 in 1 solution

with highly-reliable functionalities




Clean Switcher



The SDE-4800 broadcast video router supports up to 48 3G / HD / SD-SDI inputs along with many outstanding capabilities for professional broadcasters


Included Modules

01-3 1

MIP-OUT Card Modules

Providing a multiviewer head with eight Picture-in-Picture tiles

01-1 3

SDI-OUT Card Modules

Providing eight routed outputs of SDI/ASI Signals, per each module

01-2 3

CLN-OUT Card Modules

Providing four clean and quiet switched outputs, per each module

Frequently Asked Questions

Samim SDE-4800 provides up to 48 in 48 SDI I/O ports. for larger broadcasters and production control rooms, we have a new incoming platform called OMIX, which provides many more distribution ports and routing channels. 

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