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What Is SAMIM Media Asset Management?

Samim group MAM system is an essential solution for any company, organization, or any team that somehow deals with multimedia contents. You could make classification, tagging, advanced search, locate, archiving (maintenance) and publishing multimedia content at its desired times.

Utilizing MAM solution in TV production and broadcast industry can be extremely helpful for TV Channels automation. 

Make Your Organization
More Efficient

The MAM (Media asset management) system is a smart and comprehensive solution for enriching, classifying, searching, editing, preparing and publishing multimedia assets.
Using BPM technology, this intelligent system manages all your operational processes in the media chain from ingesting to publishing, and through the automation and acceleration of these processes, it increases Efficiency, accuracy and speed in matters related to media content (login – enriching – tagging – searching – archiving – publishing).

Countless Features to
Manage Multimedia Assets

Media Management System Features


In-Content Tagging

With Samim MAM software tools, tag every moment of media files or a range of moments with millisecond accuracy. So that you can be aware of all the topics in that video. You can also use artificial intelligence micro services such as OCR, speech-to-text conversion, and face recognition to automatically tag audio, video, and text files to easily access the desired part, among all contents


Metadata Management

With media asset management software, add, modify or delete metadata fields with flexible metadata management tools. By finalizing the metadata, users turn the original media asset into an enriched media content. These metadata will be used as search filters, which allows users to save time and to access any asset whenever is needed. You can use this enrichment method to classify your content hierarchically so that you can manage the content easily.


Ingest and Transcoding

Simply add the desired media assets to the system and attach relevant information to them automatically or manually. A storage space can be set in the system for batch ingesting of media assets using the folder monitor plugin. This plugin automatically checks the changes in this space and adds new content to the system. Also, in order to work in the web platform, a low resolution version that is suitable for the web (the profile selected by the user for Transcode) is produced at the very beginning, and then all changes are made to this version and finally applied to the original version.


Schedule Playlist (Conductor)

This system can provide the packages used in online platforms (Web TV, OTT, VOD, etc.). Also, by using the powerful conductor tool, you can form a queue consisting of different items for a period of 24 hours or more by placing programs one after the other and specifying the start and end time for each. Finally, schedule the content of a playout channel in common standards format like BXF and etc.


Workflow Management

Implement and customize the workflow of your content production, preservation and publishing to improve response time, team communication and organizational Efficiency. This feature is possible by using the powerful built-in process maker. This tool supports the BPMN 2.0 standard and provides all the models and notations of this standard to create a process and workflow.


Advanced Search

Regardless of time and place, it is possible to search / locate for tagged content with metadata. It is possible to customize the desired filters for searching among the contents entered into the system. It is also possible to provide a platform to search between the tags that are created manually or automatically in the content.


Ready for Cloud and SAAS

The user interface of the media asset management system allows users to access the entire system or only a part of it in the cloud if they wish. It is also possible to provide MAM system software as a service (SAAS) model. This provides more flexibility and provides scalability for users if the needs of companies and organizations change.


Media Archive Management

In MAM software, all the changes that are made on the web version (low resolution version) will be automatically applied on the original version and will be saved in the online storage (SDS infrastructure) of the system and will be available for further changes. In order to archive all version of the contents, you can save them locally or in the cloud (on storages or LTO) by using the powerful dynamic media archive management plugin.


Content Auditing

Samim media asset management solution provides best practice processes for auditing and reviewing content. It is also possible to customize these processes via process maker tool. Also, the powerful quality control plugin allows users to automatically check their audio/video/text files from a technical point of view and, if necessary, tag technical items on the file itself (automatically or manually).

Better and Faster Media Management,
to Increase Efficiency and the Number of Audiences

Media Asset Management Solution Specification

  • Automatic extraction of programs from ingested media (CatchUp)
  • The possibility of receiving the content file through web upload
  • The possibility of receiving content files in batch and controlling related operations via the web – receiving content through the file manager (Watch folder)
  • Receive content through standard sharing protocols such as FTP, CIFS and NFS
  • Management of different versions of the file, registration and maintenance of the log of all operations, automatic extraction of metadata and technical information of audio and video
  • Quality control (QC) of incoming content and quarantine of problematic files
  • Generate Proxy version (low resolution) of media with the aim of rotation in processes and workflow
  • The possibility of extracting Poster, Thumbnail and Key frame automatically
  • Support for all types of media formats
  • The possibility of converting the media format and changing the technical profile (transcode)
  • Ability to edit media with the help of the professional Media Editor tool
  • Enrichment: tagging, adding descriptions and adding/correcting various control data for each frame and period of media content (manually or automatically).
  • Inserting additional information about the concept of media such as content type, producers, production date, broadcast date, etc. (External enrichment).
media asset management overview
mam system
  • Inserting and managing technical information of each content such as format, resolution and etc. (Internal enrichment)
  • Ability to insert watermark, subtitle, logo and digital signature for each media
  • The possibility of archiving and backing up contents on various types of storage space (storage and LTO tape) with the help of various management infrastructures, SDS / Vsan, etc.
  • Support for all types of storage hardware such as SAN and NAS without limitations on their type and size
  • Manage files (transfer / copy / delete) on tape or storage manually or automatically
  • Store all tags and add-on information in a database structure with the possibility of automatic backup / recovery
  • Controlling and moving information between storage spaces manually or automatically
  • Support for standard tape-based libraries
  • Support for all standard file sharing protocols including HTTP, CIFS, NFS, SAMBA, HTTPS
  • The possibility of long-term storage of content with high security and availability
  • The possibility of advanced and hierarchical search based on tagging, types of technical / non-technical fields and additional information of each content
  • System configuration based on virtualization infrastructure

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