Frames & Accessories

The SRM line provides a variety of chassis sizes and options to fit the varying size and functionality needs of broadcast and media companies. From frame & accessories to compact mobility or expansive capability, SRM offers tailored solutions for every broadcast entity. Each chassis is crafted to amplify operational efficiency, ensuring seamless integration of frame & accessories for enhanced functionality.


SAMIM SRM-0645 frame is a 1RU frame designed for SAMIM’s products that can house up to four cards with single back panel or two cards with the double back panel.



The SRM-0655 frame is a 3RU (19” rack) frame designed for SAMIM modular products that can house up to 15 modules with a single slot back panel or up to eight modules with a double slot back panel. The frame provides required power (from redundant AC/DC bricks), cooling, and control and monitoring for installed modules.