Signal Distribution

Distribution and equalization of digital or analog signals without the need for a separate frame, Enhanced precision and clarity, ensuring optimal performance across the entire signal chain, Signal distribution seamlessly integrated, eliminating complexity and reducing setup time, Delivering consistent quality and reliability, meeting the demands of modern communication system.


SAMIM AVD-0318 is an analog video distribution amplifier with cable equalization and 8 outputs. This card provides single ended and differential input with passive loop-through.

DVD-3214 Broadcast Infrastructure SAMIM GROUP


SAMIM DVD-3214 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI video distribution amplifier which can be operated as single or dual channels. It operates in two modes: 1 to 8 and dual 1 to 4. For the 1 to 8 mode, input one is connected to all eight outputs. For the dual 1 to 4 mode, input one is connected to the first four outputs, and input 2 is connected to the second four outputs. In the event of a power failure, the input signal is transferred to the output by a bypass relay. Re-clocker for jitter removal and equalizer for cable loss compensation are the main capabilities of the module