Analog Video Distribution Amplifier with Passive Loop (1 to 8)

SAMIM AVD-0318 is an analog video distribution amplifier with cable equalization and 8 outputs. This card provides single ended and differential input with passive loop-through.


The AVD-0318 is an analog video distribution amplifier with cable equalization and eight outputs. This module provides single-ended input with passive loop-through. The AVD-0318 has been designed in compliance with ITU-R BT.470-6 and can be installed in the Samim 3RU and 1RU frames. Gain control, DC offset removal, and equalizer are the key capabilities of the module.

All adjustments can be applied using onboard jumpers, potentiometers, and the web-based user interface. LED indicators on the front edge of the module inform the user about the operational status of the module.


• Eight distributed outputs
• Bi-level and Tri-level reference signal support
• Wideband and flat frequency response up to 6MHz
• Gain control and adjustment
• DC offset control
• Equalizing up to 250m of Belden 1505
• LED Status indicators
• Web-based user interface

Order Info
Order Code Description Type
AVD-0318HD/SD Analog Video Distribution AmplifierMain Board
AVD-0318-3DRPBack-panel for AVD-0318 (compatible with SRM-0655)Back panel
AVD-0318-1DRPBack-panel for AVD-0318 (compatible with SRM-0645)Back panel
AVD-0318-3RPSingle Slot Back-panel for AVD-0318 (compatible with SRM- 0655) , (Only x5 outputs are available, whitout loop output)Back panel
Block Diagram

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