Audio Decoder

At a Glance

SAMIM MCD-1080 is a multichannel audio decoder which is able to decode 8 compressed audio streams. It receives TS signals from DVB-ASI or IP stream, decodes the audio according to user request and delivers it to analog or digital driver. Simultaneous decoding, gain control, I / O monitoring are some features of the MCD-1080. This card is controllable through web user interface and SNMP protocol.

Samim audio decoder


Samim audio decoder

  • Supports Analog/Digital audio outputs
  • Supports Audio MPEG1 Layer2 and HE-AAC decoding
  • Up to 8 simultaneous audio decoding
  • Configurable audio gain per decoder
  • Audio silence and audio level detection per decoder (option)
  • Cost-effective and less implementation complexity
  • Supports DVB-ASI input
  • Web interface remote control
  • Remote update
  • SNMP support
  • Applications

    Providing fine streaming audio signals for AM / FM Radio Transmitters is essential. This is mainly achieved by using satellite lines but there are high risk of instability and unavailability of signals due to different weather situations.
    Bu utilizing 2 separate ASI input lines, SAMIM Audio Decoder can set the desired audio channels as the main input streaming signals to the transmitter. Additionally SAMIM Audio Decoders can contribute 8 digital audio signal lines to the monitoring stations and the transmitters.