Media automation and management

playlist scheduler software

Using samim playlist Scheduler software, radio/TV channels can easily create program listings with precise beginning, ending and duration time. Samim Scheduler software lets any TV/radio channel has its dynamic and adaptive playlists in which programs can be split into two or more segments and mid-program clips be inserted. All the programs or program segments can be tagged by specified metadata including the program or segment title, beginning and ending time, user access levels, file code and other desired unique data necessary for enriching the programs.
Sonny scheduler provides useful capabilities like adding, removing or editing programs, to prepare the final timetable being sent to the playout systems.


What can you get?

Customized playlists

Customized playlists

Professional management of program listings and creation of any TV/ radio or content-on-demand channel

Easy media ingest

Easy media ingest

From any sources including audio video files, live streams or radio/TV satellite signals in your playlists

Adaptable playlists

Adaptable playlists

Easy-to-broadcast playlists by any platforms like websites, social media, applications,
vod/OTT, …

Features and capabilities

  • Features and capabilities
  • Easy process commands through customized shortcuts
  • Customizable UI and scheduler timetable visuals
  • Customizable UI and playlists editability (read only to full access)
  • Dynamic daily weekly monthly and annual programme
  • Multi-format schedule outputs, also in pdf, Excel, XML, …
  • Schedule outputs adaptable to standard playout systems in
  • Schedule outputs optimized for web and print
  • Real-time notifications and reports of errors, alerts, system information,…
  • Real-time calendar occasions display and notifications
  • Ability to lock fixed programs schedule in playlists
  • Ability to display blank schedule segments and to calculate the overall blank schedules
  • Ability to insert mid-program clips at any points of the playlists
  • Ability to synchronize the playlists timetable to the main timeline
  • Ability to cut, copy, paste and merge different segments from/ into /in the middle of the main programs
  • Adjusting production scheduler to playout Scheduler in order to avoid inconsistencies
  • Locking live program playlist
  • Highlightable specified program in the playlists and timetables
  • Adjustable schedule offsets in playlists beginnings
  • Ability to identify and remove the schedule overlapping programs
  • Ability to display all the programs metadata
  • Ability to calculate all the program durations in specified intervals
  • Frame precision timeline to check the programs accurate length
  • Simple or advanced search capabilities

Adaptable player features

  • JWPlayer and HTML5 adaptable player(Player)
  • Adjustable Media playing speed
  • Standard playback controls
  • Single or batch playback of scheduler playlists
  • Easily connectable and synchronizable with playout systems

Timeline (Timeline)

  • Adjustable timeline size from seconds to hours
  • Taking media backwards or forwards with the time pointer
  • Jumping from anywhere of the timeline right over the time pointer
  • Ability to place programs anywhere on the timeline by drag and drop
  • Ability to edit programs by a single double click over them
  • Identification and modification of overlapping segments