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Manage your I/O Production Signals Easier

Radio / TV channels usually need a Production Control Division (PCR / SCR), to manage and control the input / output production signals and to check if they meet the various inbound technical or contextual standards. In fact, PCR is the main reference for accessing and regulating all the signals in a radio / TV Station.

In PCR, all the input signals coming from various sources, are processed and converted into proper formats, types, and levels. Then they are routed to desired locations using distributor modules and SDI routers. at the same time, the signals can be analyzed and monitored to ensure that they are ready for contribution 

Audio Video Signal Processing
and Management in PCR

In PCR, input signals may have come from various live sources, including radio / TV studios, broadcast cameras, OBs, ASI sources, etc. They are sent to different places for different purposes. 

   1. The first one is the up / down / cross converter module which can change the signal formats, displace the embedded audio (a.k.a audio shuffler), synchronize audio and video, and perform other important signal processes. 

   2. The second one is the monitoring unit, where SAMIM multiviewer displays input signals to be visually controlled and checked as a matter of quality and content. 

   3. The third one is the matrix switchers or signal routers which can route AV signals to various studios, editing rooms, control rooms, media servers, archives, ... 


Full HD Production Control Room

In-Solution Products

SAMIM up / down / cross converters play a significant role in the broadcast production chain. They convert audio and video formats among 3G, HD, and SD qualities together and render different frame rates.

SAMIM audio / video distributors redirect audio / video signals from a single source towards several destinations. They are equipped with Re-clockers for jitter removal and equalizers for cable loss compensation.

SAMIM digital audio/video routers support various numbers of I/O ports and support 3G / HD / SD - SDI signals. Connected to SAMIM routers, there are flexible control panels that provide easy-to-use remote configuration of signal routing.

SAMIM control panels are used for the configuration of SAMIM analog / digital routers. They are manufactured in single and double units and connect to SAMIM routers via TCP / IP connections.

SAMIM Embedders and De-Embedders are respectively used for merging and extracting audio (digital / analog) into / from SDI signals. They are equipped with optical I/O, frame synchronization, timing adjustment, ancillary data transparency, and test tone/pattern generation capabilities.

SAMIM multiviewer system is an advanced image processing system for monitoring input signals of 3G / HD / SD - SDI / ASI. It harnesses a user-friendly and intuitive application for designing and tuning PIP layouts for broadcasters.