3G / HD / SD Up / Down / Cross Converter with Audio Embedder and De-Embedder

SAMIM UDC-3455 module is a broadcast quality modular Up / Down / Cross converter that can convert audio/video formats among 3G, HD, and SD standards with multiple frame rates. This module embeds each pair of processed audios into the output video and extracts audio from SDI video input.


SAMIM UDC-3455 is a broadcast quality modular up  down  cross converter that can convert video formats among 3G, HD, and SD standards. Frame synchronization (with video timing adjustments), color correction, image enhancement, and aspect ratio conversion (with AFD support) are supported by the module.
It includes an audio crosspoint giving the user great flexibility in selecting the source of embedded audio pairs and audio outputs. Advanced audio processing, including delays, gains, and L/R swap, can be applied to the audio sources from de-embedded audio, external AES, and analog inputs. Video pattern and audio tone generation can help users test the chain without input sources. The module can also compensate for an input loss with black, freeze, or pattern on the output.
Moreover, support for common ancillary standards and an option to use fiber I/O via an SFP module, make UDC-3455 an excellent option for most signal chains in professional broadcast centers. Control and monitoring can be done using a friendly web-based user interface, frame front panel, and SNMP protocol.


• High quality 3G / HD / SD Up  Down Cross converter
• Aspect Ratio Conversion (ARC)
• Advanced video de-interlacing for increased image quality
• Frame synchronizer with Tri-level / Bi-level reference input and loss detection
• Horizontal / Vertical timing adjustment with respect to reference input
• Automatic 3G / HD / SD-SDI detection
• Auto freeze, black, frame and pattern on video loss
• Video processor: noise remover, edge enhancer and brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control
• Audio processor (16 pairs): any to any input / output pair routing, gain control on each channel, invert and mute control on each
channel, swap left / right audio of each pair, silence/overload detection
• Audio delayer (16 pairs): up to 10 seconds for each embedded pair (1ms steps) + matching delay to follow video processing delay
• Audio group de-embedding: de-embed audio from SDI input by analog and digital audio outputs
• Audio group embedding: embed each pair of processed audios into the output video
• Internal pattern generator and test tone generator
• Web interface remote control
• Remote update
• SNMP support
• Front panel control
• 2 optional SFP+ selectable input/output through the web interface

Order Info
Order Code Description Type
UDC-34553G/HD/SD-SDI Up/Down/Cross Converter with Audio Embedder and De-embedder Main BoardMain Board
UDC-3455-3DRPBack-panel for UDC-3455 (compatible with SRM-0655)Back-panel
UDC-3455-1DRPBack-panel for UDC-3455 (compatible with SRM-0645)Back-panel
MOD-APP-DAI4O44-Channel Digital Stereo Audio Input + 4-Channel Digital Stereo Audio Output Module for UDC-3455Option for Audio I/O Slot #1
MOD-APP-AAI4O44-Channel Analog Mono Audio Input + 4-Channel Analog Mono Audio Output Module for UDC-3455Option for Audio I/O Slot #2
Block Diagram

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