Audio Video Delayers

SAMIM Audio Video delayers are utilized to apply desired delays on live or pre-recorded SDI video, embedded audio, and 4 AES input lines. the delays are directly applied to uncompressed signals, so the quality stays completely intact.


The DLY-3421 functions as a standalone device, offering a single-channel SDI and multi channel digital audio delay line. It has the capability to independently introduce desired delays to active video, embedded audio, and 4-channel AES inputs.



SAMIM DLY-3420 is a modular product mainly used for setting delays in SD / HD / 3G SDI and digital audio (AES) streaming signals. Streaming delays are a great option to monitor the final broadcast signals and prevent the unwanted, inappropriate or profanity content from being published and broadcasted, specially in live productions and streaming.



The DLY-3401 is a versatile digital audio delay line that operates across multiple channels. This standalone device allows for the independent application of desired delays on first four AES inputs. With additional input/output options, it can function as an audio router with an integrated control panel, surpassing its basic delay line functionality.