IP Intercom Panel Talkback 10 -Button Desktop

IIP-2000-T10D is a 10-button intercom desktop panel, in which, each button can be defined for communication with another panel. Communication can occur in both half-duplex and full-duplex modes. Colored LEDs in the buttons help to show communication status. Group calls can be achieved through activating multiple buttons simultaneously.


The IIP-2000-T10D represents the 10-button desktop talkback device within the IP Intercom product lineup, designed to facilitate seamless communication among 10 distinct users. Its innovative architecture not only fosters flexible communication with other users but also significantly reduces costs and configuration complexities by obviating the need for audio interface cables and central matrices. The matrix-free design empowers effortless integration of plug-and-play networked hardware and software components into the system, facilitating both planned and ad-hoc modifications without concerns regarding available ports on the matrix. Moreover, as a non-server-based solution, the IIP-2000 offers comprehensive management capabilities, including settings configuration, centralized control, and real-time monitoring, accessible through any device with internet connectivity by simply inputting the system’s IP address into a web browser. Harnessing fully digital technology, this system delivers superior audio quality compared to analog counterparts while also affording users the capability to record conversation details for archival or analytical purposes.


• 10 -Buttons desktop panel
• 10× illuminated pushbutton switches, Red/Green/Yellow
• System scalability
• Supports ITU-G.711, ITU-G.722 codecs
• Supports EBU-TECH 3347 standard
• Supports 16/48 kbps sample rates
• Easy configuration and monitoring
• High fidelity sound quality
• Cost-effective
• Ability to make group conversation
• High reliability

Order Info
Order Code Description Type
IIP-2000-T10R1RU IP-based Intercom Panel, 10 KeysBase
IIP-2000-MIC1Gooseneck Microphone (JTS GM-5212K)Accessory
Block Diagram
Radio/TV Stations
Production Studios
Monitoring Centers

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