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Samim SDI Router

An SDI router, also known as a video matrix, is a device for quick and flexible routing of input signals to various destinations. These devices are commonly used in production studio control rooms, broadcasting centers, and mobile television studios. The primary purpose of SDI routers or video matrices is to facilitate the efficient and customizable routing of video signals within a broadcasting or production environment. They play a critical role in managing the flow of signals among different sources and destinations, allowing broadcasters and production teams to switch between various inputs and outputs when needed.

What are the applications of a video matrix?

In addition to routing SDI input signals, video matrices have other applications:

  • Switching or routing SDI sources for signal contribution
  • Selecting input sources from playouts for transferring them toward production and broadcasting units
  • Transmitting live content or video streams to broadcast units.

Distributing and amplifying signals.

By combining video matrices with other equipment such as signal processors or converters, more creative and complex uses can be defined and implemented for managing SDI signals. This allows for the consideration of production and supply input resources to create and publish more professional outputs in various formats for different media.



Samim SDI Routers:

Samim SDI routers support up to 48 inputs and provide 48 routed output signal lines in real time. They support 3G / HD / SD – SDI and ASI signals.

Moreover, Samim SDI routers have professional features for professional clients:

  • Ability to provide Clean & Quiet output signals
  • Ability to receive different sources from the archives
  • Ability to be used in replace of production switchers in smaller studios.
  • Ability to be connected to Samim control panels for easier functions
  • Ability to be controlled and monitored via a web-based UI through IP and network.
  • Ability to provide noise reduction, jitter elimination, quality improvement of output signals (re-clocking), and signal synchronization.
  • Ability to amplify and distribute desired input signal lines.

Samim SDI routers are one of the most powerful and professional product ranges available in the market with world-class standards. The control of signal routing settings can be performed through Samim’s dedicated web-based UI. However, the main control of the signal routing process is performed through Samim’s hardware components known as matrix (router) control panels.

Some types of Samim’s SDI matrices offer the option of providing Clean & Quiet signal outputs, allowing for seamless switching to alternative sources without compromising video quality or appearing noise and other issues in case of sudden input signal interruptions.

Also, the capability of re-clocking output signals to enhance quality or amplifying distributed signals to ensure no loss in their quality can be an important feature of Samim SDI routers.

Another feature of Samim’s routers is the ability to quickly select input sources from playouts and route them toward production and broadcasting units. The option to replace video production switchers for transmitting live content or streams in smaller broadcasting centers is also significant.

What points should you consider, when buying a SDI router?

First, note the maximum number of inputs and outputs supported, concerning your specific needs in your radio/TV station. It is preferred to conduct a precise assessment regarding the number of outputs required, taking into account the type and the scale of your production studio and broadcast infrastructure.

For example, if the broadcast infrastructure in an international television network is designed based on 3G-SDI standard, the requirement arises for matrices based on the same standard. On the contrary, for a smaller local television studio with an SD or HD standard, there is no need for a matrix supporting 4K signals.

And … the Special Features

Special features such as enhancing or amplifying distributed signals through options like re-clocking or amplifying are activatable in some video matrices. Additionally, other special features like utilizing redundant power sources, connectivity to control panels and web-based user interfaces, or displaying input and output stream contents on monitors – known as multi-viewers – are offered as optional features in many matrices.

Price, product authenticity, and after-sales services

Price is one of the most important items affecting the decision to buy a video matrix. However, depending on the technical and special requirements in different infrastructures and considering the authenticity of the product, the manufacturer brand, and the quality of after-sales service, the range of choices can be more diverse. The cost-effectiveness of audio and video matrices produced by Samim, plus the above-mentioned significant features, is a great advantage that sets Samim products apart from other competitors.


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