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Digital/Analog Audio Video Signal Distribution

Broadcast centers need to process various input signals by dozens of different equipment and devices; and exactly here is where distributor modules come into play

SDI Distribution is an important process in every broadcast production infrastructure. During SDI Distribution, input signals are duplicated into one or more identical copies, using distribution modules.

These modules come in various types designed to support digital or analog signals and different standards used in the broadcast production industry.

Typically, SDI distributor modules offer signal buffer block, signal amplifier, and re-clocker to maintain signal path integrity, eliminate jitters, and reduce error rates. Analog distributor modules also provide signal amplification and improvement features, as well as the ability to adjust constant or variable gains.

Radio/TV production signals are in digital or analog formats or combinations of both. Broadcast centers need to process various input signals by dozens of different equipment and devices; and exactly here is where distributor modules come into play to generate similar copies of an original signal to be used by multiple broadcast devices.

If a signal is to be distributed, then the distributor module should have the capability to compensate for the signal loss caused by long or poor-quality cables or by other impacts. Distributor modules need to ensure the reliable delivery of duplicated input signals to all the destinations.

Samim distributor modules receive 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI digital audio video signals with either 1 to 4 or 1 to 8 channels. For analog platforms, they come with 1 to 8 signal distribution channels with cable length compensation capability. In addition to all the above features in SDI/ASI distribution, Samim modules can also be used for distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals.

When deciding to buy an AV distributor module, consider the following items:

Supported inputs:

Notice the supported formats and the number of input lines featured by the module. Make sure that the distributor module(s) can receive all the inputs you may have, whether they are in digital SDI and ASI or in analog types. Your digital video inputs may also have different resolutions such as FHD, HD, SD, UHD, or higher, so ensure that the selected distributor supports the types and resolution of your input sources.

Number of outputs per module:  

The number of provided outputs per distribution module is also critical. More outputs mean you can send your signals to more destinations. One Samim digital video distributor provides up to 8 output lines with much flexibility in signal routing.

Video Quality:

The quality of your input digital video must be relevant to your existing signal processing and contribution infrastructure. If you have an HD broadcast infrastructure so you should not go for 12G-SDI modules. So, make sure that the modules you are looking for are appropriate for processing your input signals.


Every distribution module works with a special series of frames. Different manufacturers, offer different frames in various sizes to house certain card modules. For example, Samim Group offers two models of frames dedicated to house Samim modules in 3RU and 1RU sizes.

Special Features:

Certain AV distributor modules offer additional features such as changeover capabilities, Recovery mode, Bypass Re-Clocker, etc. These additional capabilities can significantly affect the modules’ performance and their price.


Perhaps the price is the most important factor in most purchase decisions, but for buying hi-tech equipment like a distribution module, it is not true. Reliability, quality, scalability, flexibility, and rich features are more important than the price itself. Meanwhile, cost-effectiveness is also a significant item for many consumers. Your needs and requirements play the greatest role in choosing the right product. So remember to put your needs first, then choose your products to meet them well.


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