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Production Switchers are of the most essential equipment in any TV channel studios. They are mainly used for real time switching, modifying or creating video to provide the final output of production studios. Samim PVS-2024 is a high-reliable video production switcher with 24/7 available operability, designed and manufactured upon the latest broadcast technologies and standards. It is an all-inclusive production switcher with flexible scalability, perfect user experience and professional technical support



  • A modular 2M/E production switcher for various needs of live production centers
  • clean PVW, clean PGM, PVW, PGM outputs per M/E
  • 4 x luminance/chroma keyers per M/E
  • 4 x 2.5D DVEs per M/E
  • 1 x Down Stream keyer per M/E which supports luminance keyer
  • 3 x Multiviewer head up to 8 PIPs per head cascadable to 16/24 PIPs in a head
  • Up to 16 x AUX SDI outputs
  • Up to 32 x input SDIs, up to 24 x output SDIs, up to 3 x output HDMIs for multiviewer heads
  • 5 x clip player, 1 x clip store which supports up to 40 seconds HD-SDI/20 seconds 3G-SDI of online clip playback
  • Supports multiple clip store inputs including external memory and FTP server
  • 1 x video delayer up to 40 seconds HD-SDI/20 seconds 3G-SDI
  • 40 x output GPOs, 8 x input GPIs
  • 4 x RGB/YUV color correction channels
  • Supports timeline, snapshot, macro functions per M/E
  • Supports bypass relay over PGM outputs per M/E for the sake of reliability
  • Modular architecture and hot plug cards
SAMIM GROUP Video Production Switcher


By Samim PVS-2024, TV production staff can sit relaxed and easily control the live video production flows and mix various audio/video contents to provide a rich fnal output.


Production Studio Control Rooms

Samim PVS-2024 switcher can be used for any broadcasting station, satellite studios, live production control rooms, … It allows you to create high quality live video output with professional effects


Live Event Production

Samim PVS-2024 can be used as a stand-alone professional production switcher for live applications where the production devices need to be set up quickly, easily and simply.

SAMIM Video Switcher

Mobile OB and Production trucks

Samim video production switcher is ideal for the mobile production OB vehicles, where the space is limited. The product offers a rich set of features for live or recorded production and reduced amount of equipment.