TS Processor and Re-multiplexer System

SAMIM IRR-0520 is a broadcast quality satellite demodulator and transport stream re-multiplexer. The IRR-0520 receives three L-Band DVB-S/S2 signals along with three DVB-ASI signals. It is available in 1RU standard frame. It has two independent powerful re-multiplexers to facilitate adding or dropping of services on its outputs.


This system has two redundant ASI outputs, also it can transmit DVB-IP stream through UDP or RTP packets using an RJ45 connector. Diversity of input and output interfaces makes it an optimal solution for head-end applications. This product can be controlled and monitored through web browsers and the front panel.


• Three DVB-S/S2 RF inputs (950-2150 MHZ and 1-45 MSymb/s)
• Three DVB-ASI inputs (maximum 100 Mb/s)
• Two independent DVB-ASI outputs
• Loop outputs for RF inputs
• Automatic Signal detection of RF and ASI inputs
• PSI/SI Monitoring
• TS inputs analysis
• Bitrate calculation for inputs/services/components
• Table Generation: PAT, PMT, SDT
• Service based multiplexing
• PCR re-stamping
• Services BISS decryption on outputs (maximum 100 Mb/s)
• BISS decryption with up to 7 different BISS keys
• Audio and video BISS decryption independently
• Routing TS signals (DVB-S/S2, ASI and Re-multiplexed) to outputs through an internal switch configuration
• TOT and NIT configuration through web
• Alarm Logging (Power Fail, Output over Flow, ASI Sync, RF Unlock/Lock)
• Internal switch to select the type of device output signals (RF/ASI/RMX)
• Possibility of Remux output and inputs streaming on Gigabit ports up to 800 Mbps
• User friendly front panel control through keypad and OLED display
• Web based control and Monitoring
• 65W main and redundant power supplies (totally 120W)
• Dual jet fan cooling system (internal temperature and alarm display for jet fans)

Order Info
Product Description
IRR-0520-80TS Processor and Re-multiplexer System
IPTS over IP Streamer Gigabit (option)
BISSBISS Decryption (option)
Block Diagram

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