TS Re-Multiplexer

Samim TS Remultiplexers receive, process, multiplex and modify the tables of transport stream packages. They comply with the latest standards in broadcast industry and work very hard in tough situations in addition of being controlled and monitored remotely


AMIM RMX-0510 is a professional module for re-multiplexing and encryption/decryption of SD and HD video and audio services which prepare SPTS and MPTS to broadcast DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C and IPTV networks. The RMX-0510 is a reliable solution to de-mux and re-mux up to 5 ASI inputs through two independent ASI and IP outputs.



SAMIM IRR-0520 is a broadcast quality satellite demodulator and transport stream re-multiplexer. The IRR-0520 receives three L-Band DVB-S/S2 signals along with three DVB-ASI signals. It is available in 1RU standard frame. It has two independent powerful re-multiplexers to facilitate adding or dropping of services on its outputs.